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Had enough of Plusnet - Disgrace


Had enough of Plusnet - Disgrace

My internet has gone down again this morning, the fourth time in 6 months. Each time it has gone down for between 3 and 5 days.

The first time it went down, plusnet had changed my login username without telling me or anyone else and it took them 5 days to work it out! The other three occasions I wasn't told what the problem was although there's always the mention of the wholesaler being at fault.

In total I must have spent hours waiting/holding on the phone. My service must have been down for nearly 3 weeks in total and I had to pay for those 3 weeks with no service!

Anyone that puts up with this kind of service without cancelling their contract is effectively saying that bad service is okay - so if you had good service then great, if like most people you didn't change providers!