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HTTP_Referer message


HTTP_Referer message

I have set-up my own website and when a customer clicks through to an 'online mortgage wizard' I have setup the customer is forwarded to another server. When I try this when connected to the web by 'plus' I have the following error message;

"To allow brokerweb to validate this site we need to know the address (URL) of the page that made the request.

Unfortunatly, the HTTP_REFERER as it is known that will give us this information, was not passed to our servers, and therefore we can not validate this site and allow access to view any mortgage details.

Please try again, if the problem persists please contact your ISP."

This does not occur with others under different internet providers. I this something I can change in the set-up of my internet connection? I have raised a ticket with Plus but they were unable to help.



HTTP_Referer message

The HTTP_REFERER is a item your webbrowser sends, and is unrelated to what PlusNet send.

Many Firewall and Privacy products, block such data from being sent. Do you use such a product?

Further more, I get a different message, stating my browser doesn't support frames or javascript. It supports both.

Personaly, I would be seeking support from the wizzard provider, as it would seem there product has very little support on it.