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Ok have 1 meg connection via BT openworld fixed IP network product. (I know this is plusnet but I use this at home and didnt have a say in the office connection)

Have 2 modems one Dlink + dlink fire wall and one belkin router

If i use the Dlink modem and firewall the connection starts off ok fast and stable but in a matter of hours grings to complete stop or is so slow that its unusable.

The belkin router works fine but I cant set up the remote access the way I want it. So I really need to get the Dlink working

Any Ideas as to why this would degrade the way it does ?? The Dlink Router/Firewall was working fine with BT router however the BT router does not support the 1 meg product apparently (dont get me satrted as to why I am here at the moment BT really screwed our lines up)

I have been promised a BT ,managed router but no sign of it yet and thats been 2 weeks

P4 2.8 Windows Sever 2003 SBS 1 GB ram