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HELP !!!!!!!! - ZYXEL ATTACK!!!!!!!!!


HELP !!!!!!!! - ZYXEL ATTACK!!!!!!!!!

I thought this matter warranted a new post due to its seriousness and the number of people it is affecting.
I too am having problems with the zyxel modem in use for about the last 3 weeks. I say 'in use' loosely when actually it does not connect 99% of the time. I posted a ticket on this matter and have updated this three times since but to no avail. If I had bought or rented this from a retailer I would have either got a replacement or a refund by now. So why not with plusnet. I bought my first laptop (which had taken me ages to save up for) when I signed up for broadband and I must admit with all the problems with the zyxel it has completely taken the shine off using it. Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP !!!!!!!! - ZYXEL ATTACK!!!!!!!!!

Hi there and welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately i am going to have to lock your first post.

As you have noted, there is already a thread running regarding the Zyxel modems.

Its never a good idea to have 2 threads running on the same topic. The discussion and subsequent responses can be focussed in one area, for the benefit of staff and customers alike.

Feel free to contribute to the existing thread. The advice you need is already there. Smiley

Hope you understand.

Thread locked.