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Good customer service


Good customer service

I had a problem where my 1m connection dropped to substantially below 512.

I had requested an ADSL Max upgrade but never got a mail to say it had happened and kept requesting an upgrade (about 3 times) I never got a reply.

In the end I decided to get it escalated (I tried out Sky Broadband on my other line and got 3.5M). I'm about 2.5K from the exchange and had been told I should get 1-2M.

This did the trick, PlusNet arranged for an engineer to come out and test the line. He said I should be getting 5M! It seems that ADSLMax had been on all the time.

I reset everything after he left (I had already done this a dozen times) and I DID get 5M - fantastic.

I don't know what the engineer did (he said nothing) but I am now on a very fast connection.

Now to cancel Sky.

It took a while but PlusNet did take me seriously and did something about it.