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Getting overnet to work with a router


Getting overnet to work with a router

I am using the Solwise SAR130 router and can't get overnet to connect. According to the overnet website the router needs to have port forwarding set up for the ports it uses. I checked the routers instructions for how to do this and set up NAT rules that should have worked. But overnet still won't connect. If anyone can help I would be grateful.
PS. I'm also using norton personal firewall 2003. But this has been set to allow overnet to do what it wants, and overnet won't connect even when its off.

Getting overnet to work with a router

What ports have you forwarded ?
you can test if the ports are open for Overnet


Info on your firewall is here

I havent used Overnet but do use Edonkey( same only diffrent) It does use a rang of ports and some german sites seem to use some of there own. I have the ports open and 90% of the time its ok but if it hits some odd sites it says its closed as they are using funny port(in case their ISP is blocking ports)

Disable Norton and test to see if its that causing the problem