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Getting a router...


Getting a router...

i have a few questions so plz bear with me.
i'm getting another pc so i need to link my internet to both of them, i currently have the Binatone ADSL500 usb modem and i was planning on getting a router for it.
Questions are:

if i got a router, would i still have to plug my modem into it or does the router replace it completely?

and if i DO need to plug the modem in, do i need a modem for each pc or not and i was told not all routers work with usb modems?

and finally, is there any recommendations on a router, bearing in mind i have a fairly low budget (around £30) as i'm having to buy a new pc too...

i kno theres a lot of questions but i hope some1 could help! Cheesy
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Getting a router...

The best bet would be to get a router modem. These typically have 4 10/100 ports and allow you to connect the two PC's as well. They will however cost more than your £30 - you will also need network cards in both PC's.

If you have network cards in both PC's I think you can use a crossover cale to connect them. Then on the PC with the modem set up ICS - internet connection sharing. This does mean that both PCs ahve to be on to use the internet from the second.

For future proofing the router/modem is a lot safer bet. I use the Netgear DG834 at home and work.
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Getting a router...

and I will also recommend the DG834. I have the wireless variant of that same modem/router.
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:?: Does anyone know is there a max on a wireless router as to how
many devices can be connected, besides the 4 by lan cable? :?: