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Getting a Linsys WAG54G to run in Stealth Mode


Getting a Linsys WAG54G to run in Stealth Mode

Does anyone know how to get a Linksys WAG54G to run in Stealth Mode? I have the firewall enabled and the ‘Deny Requests From Wan’ option checked. When inspecting the status of the routers ports using the ‘Shields Up’ utility from ‘’ it reports that quite a number of the routers ports are closed but not stealthed. My computers configuration and installed software has not changed since being used with my previous router a Solwise SAR110, which when using the same utility was perfectly stealthed. No other computers on the network are switched on. Yes I have re-installed the Solwise router and it is still running in full stealth mode. I have emailed Linksys customer support and sent them the results of various Shields Up tests. I have downloaded the latest firmware from but with no improvement.

Any help would be appreciated