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Gaming ping


Gaming ping

Well guys this is gettin really bad at the moment
heres my trace route any ideas??

1 7 ms 9 ms 9 ms
2 124 ms 132 ms 132 ms []
3 132 ms 132 ms 199 ms []
4 124 ms 132 ms 132 ms []
5 132 ms 142 ms 132 ms []
6 123 ms 132 ms 132 ms []
7 132 ms 132 ms 142 ms
8 132 ms 132 ms *
9 141 ms 132 ms 132 ms

Trace complete.


Gaming ping

Hi yakult,

Welcome to the forums.

Can your run a BT Speed Test which should tell us if you are suffering from exchange issues?


I have tried to get my router to connect to bt but its not happening,I have used the manual and dns method but i cannot log onto speedtest?
i even unblocked all sites on the router but still nothing ive followed the tutorial to the tee help?


Gaming ping

What log on details are you using Andy?

Is it speedtest@speedtest_domain and if so, what error messages are you getting or what actually occurs?

Gaming ping

its not logging on at all and yes im using that logon
also i have been on all day gaming and it has been fine
its now 6.30 and guess what its up to 150?? that has to be down to more users and not the exchange no?
ping has been 40 all day in the daytime

regards andy

Gaming ping

Hi Andy,

Not sure what the problem could be with the BT Speedtest, but it certainly looks like exchange contention is kicking in big style.

Gaming ping

Downstream 1054 Kbps (131.8 KB/sec) 1138 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 238 Kbps (29.8 KB/sec) 257 Kbps (inc. overheads)

[Your Upstream Speed (238 Kbps)] [Your Upstream TCP Overhead *Estimation* (19 Kbps)]

[Your Downstream Speed (1054 Kbps)] [Your Downstream TCP Overhead *Estimation* (84 Kbps)]

DSL 2Mbps
[Reference: DSL 2Mbps (1920 Kbps)] [Reference: DSL 2Mbps TCP Overhead *Estimation* (153 Kbps)

just done a test at adslguide .org dont no if this means anything?