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GB useasge


GB useasge


I am thinking about coming back to plusnet, from AOL. I am looking to take on the 2mb package....but what sort of GB would i require? Is 7gb too much? is 1gb too little?

I play games (Counterstrike CZ) and download various files. I am usually connected 24/7, and use my Internet to download music pieces from various sources (all legal may I add) I also do webcam chat and forum posting.

Any assistance would be appreciated

GB useasge

The good news is that these are not caps, but rather "included data transfer".

This means that you can go boyond any pre-purchased limit you requested, and rather than have access removed, you pay for the aditional use.

On a 2Mb package, this means it costs £31.99 a month, with an included allowance of 4GB.

You can then pre-purchase aditonal 1GB increments for £1.50 in advance.

If you only want to go over your pre-included allowance for 1 month, then you will be chaged £1.90 for each aditional 1GB or part of.

If on a "inclusive bandwidth" package, there is a cost ceiling of £44.99 on 2Mb.
This means you can use as much as you want, and never go above £44.99 a month.

EG, use 50GB of a 6GB inclusive prackage, you only get charged £44.99

As such, choose what you feel is best, at which point, you can change for free at any time in the future, if you need more or less included bandwidth.

GB useasge

I'm impressed with these Broadband accounts offering inclusive bandwidth and intend to change to one shortly as I work full time and don't use the internet all that much anyway. Having said that I have found Broadband both time saving and enjoyable.

You might be interested to read this news from BT.