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Funny one this


Funny one this


I've raised the following as a ticket, but I thought I would put it out to the general population as well, to see if anyone has any ideas on this:


Open : [Support Wizard Journey]
[Connection Problem]
[ADSL Troubleshooter]
[Self Install]
[Customer has confirmed an admin charge may apply]
[Hardware Bundle]
[Circuit in synch - YES]
[Circuit in synch - YES]
[Can logon to own username - YES]
[Intermittent or dropping connection]
[Additional Information]
1. Does the loss of connection occur only at certain times of the day or is it continuous? If only at certain times, please state when.

The problem occurs at different times of the day, with varying frequency

2. How long has the problem been occurring for and when did it start?

This has been happening for a month - 6 weeks

3. What are you doing at the time of the fault - e.g. downloading large files, or does it only drop when idle?

There is no pattern - it dropw whether idle or in use

4. When you lose connection is sync lost on the modem/router - i.e. does the ADSL link light start flashing or does it remain solid green?

Synch is lost. The synch light flashes

5. Do you have any other equipment on the line that may affect service, such as a fax machine and is the PSTN (voice) service OK?

No other equipment. PSTN is OK

6. Please connect your modem/router to the master socket, leaving all other equipment disconnected and see if the problem still happens.

It is already connected to the master.
I have tried with no other equipment attached. This has had no effect

7. Has another modem/router been tested on your line, or have you tested your modem/router on a line known to be working?


8. Has the micro filter being changed to prove if it is a problem?


9. Are you on a particular website when the connection drops?


10. Is the session actually disconnecting (requiring you to login again), or is it degrading to almost nothing (session stays up, but hardly usable)?

Loss of synch

11. Can you reconnect again straight away, or do you have to reboot?

Reboot does not reconnect. I have found that making a call on the phone often causes it to resynch. This sometimes takes several attempts

12. Do you use any other protocols and applications other than Web-browser, email and FTP?

I use Skype, yahoo messenger, various on-line games

13. Do you get an error code when you log on again?


14. Have filters been added to all used points?


15. Is there an alarm system on the property which utilises the phone line?


16. Have you anything else connected to your PC besides the modem/router?


Summary of problem:

The router is the SAR110 supplied by Plusnet.
I have been experiencing loss of synch. This happens with varying frequency. It was OK for most of this week, but then I had 3 losses last night and 3 already this morning.
As stated above, I have found that making a phone call often causes the router to resynch. A reboot does not seem to have any effect. I do not believe that the phone itself is the cause of the problem, as I have disconnected it and then tried to reboot. The router did not synch.

I suspect a fault somewhere on the line, as it cannot be a coincidence that using the phone brings the ADSL connection back to life.

I would appreciate any advice on this matter.



Are there any clever people out there with any idea?


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Funny one this

Sounds like it could be a case of dodgy microfilters to me.

Funny one this

Sounds like it could be a case of dodgy microfilters to me.

Hi Liam

Thanks for the reply.

I suspected the microfilter, so I have swapped it.

I'm assuming that I only have to be concerned about phone extensions that actually have a phone connected.

I have microfilters on all extensions, but only have one phone, which is connected to the master socket, along with the router.

Dunno where to go with this
Posts: 5,636
Registered: 12-08-2007

Funny one this


Rereading your thread, you say it happens when you plug directly into the line? Without the phone.

That would suggest otherwise then...

Does your router provide line stats?

Funny one this

Line Stats as follows:

Local Tx Power: 11.75 dB
Remote Tx Power: 17.72 dB
Local Line Atten.: 41.5 dB
Remote Line Atten.: 26.0 dB
Local SNR Margin: 23.0 dB
Remote SNR Margin: 16.0 dB

Of course, the link is up at the moment Smiley

I'm on the 2Mb premier package. I know the SNR is OK, and the attenuation is (just about) OK for this package.

I wouldn't have thought that this would explain why I can bring the link back up by making a phone call.

As I said, I suspect the BT line itself, but I'm open to suggestions



Funny one this

I am still on BT at the moment, but I have had similar issues - it will be rock solid for ages (connected for about 30 days once) and then will fall over really frequently - and just as with you - lifting the phone/making a call fixes things.

The only thing I noticed was that it starts happening after a very wet/rainy period and then goes away.

I have had BT out to look at the line - but as they came on a bright sunny day - they could find no issues (but did confirm there was nothing wrong inside my house).

The BT man suggested that water getting somewhere could well be an issue, but the chances of them finding it was pretty slim. However, he also commented that if this was the case, it will probably get worse until it stops - then they'll be able to find it - great eh? :roll: