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Fujitsu FDX 310 Modem Re-Synchronisation Fix


Fujitsu FDX 310 Modem Re-Synchronisation Fix

Issue Symptoms

The Fujitsu FDX 310 modem loses synchronisation every few minutes even though you have checked that Windows power-saving is disabled and that you are not affected by Athlon motherboard and/or VIA USB interface problems.

Only use the optimisation tool if the above applies to you!

Issue Report

Fujitsu have found that under certain line conditions, with some personal computers, the modem could be sensitive to impulse events which result in errors accumulating to the point where the modem starts to re-synchronise.
They have produced a small application program that optimises the transmit power used by your modem. It is very easy to use and once your settings are optimised should not need to be used again:

Downloading & Applying the Fix

1. Download the application ( and save it into a local directory on your system.

2. Go to the directory where the program was saved and unzip the file which will extract and save an executable file called: "fdx310-optimiser-02.exe".

3. Go to, and double-click on, the file just extracted - "fdx310-optimiser-02.exe", which will launch the "Fujitsu FDX310 Line Optimisation Tool".

4. Starting at "0", move the "Slider" up by one and click "Apply", to apply the new settings. Reconnect to PIPEX Xtreme and leave your Fujitsu Modem Connected.

5. If the modem continues to re-synchronise, move the slider rightwards to increase the value by 1 and click "Apply" repeat this process incrementally until the modem remains stable.

PLEASE NOTE: If you reach the maximum value of eleven and the modem continues to re-synchronise, you should set the value back to zero and Fujitsu say to contact provider. The patch is downloaded from Pipex website but is to be used on all Fujitsu Modems, as Fujitsu has said there is an issuse.

Richard Standen
(Ex-Pipex User) (Soon to be New Plusnet user)