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Hi, I contacted Plusnet for a MAC code a month ago and got one. All my other communication accounts are with TalkTalk so it made sense - at the time. I was asked when I wanted to move and I gave a date in August but was told it would expire in one month, before the date I requested. What I wasn't told is that when it expires you're cut off! So I have no connection.

As a contingency I 'upgraded' to a cheaper Plusnet package so I at least have some form of connection while the people at TalkTalk sort their act out, but for some reason this Plusnet upgrade still takes 7 days, the progress checker says things like "checking connection", "checking account details" WHY? I'm already a customer with and account, a login and a password, why do they need to go through all that again??

Plusnet support is painfully slow, they're obviously grossly understaffed. I have a hosting account with Fasthosts and I can get though to support straight away, if not I'm held in a queue with a voice telling me where I am in the queue once a minute. You get to TALK to someone, that's support.
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You should not have been cut off if you did not use you MAC code. If you get a MAC but don't use it your service should just continue as normal.

Unless you requested that your account is cancelled on the date you specified in which case that is exactly what PN did, regardless of whether a MAC was issued or used.

Look carefully at the tickets to see if what you requested could have been interpreted as a cancellation request rather than a migration request.


As part of the wizard you are asked for a date for migration (can't remember the exact details) I gave a date thinking this was to give an indication when you would be likely to move. I was under the impression that they would not cease until I used the Mac code.

[Support Wizard Journey]
[Another ISP]

[Additional Information]
I wish to make the move on Wednesday 2nd August.

I also added this comment:-

I do not want this line to be ceased or moved to LLU merely transferred to a new provider.

Should I worry that there will be a cease on my line?
I haven't decided on an alternative ISP yet.



I'm just agreeing with the title here.

Should be a Mission Statement with this company.