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Fritz!Box setup and speed issue.


Fritz!Box setup and speed issue.


I am in the middle of moving to my new flat, i have had my 2mb premier connection moved and i have installed a new AVM Fritz!Box fon WLAN DSL router.

However the modem will only connect if i use the automatic settings and not if i put in the setting manually, and then it only connects at 1mb:

FRITZ!Box Configuration Overview of 27.02.2006 00:03
Product Name FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN Annex A
Firmware Version 08.04.01
WLAN inactive
Night Service inactive
Last Restart 22.02.2006 15:22 Uhr

DSL -Information
Throughput 1044 kBit/s (receive direction) 261 kBit/s (send direction)
Line Attenuation 24 dB (receive direction) 20 dB (send direction)
Signal/Noise Ratio 30 dB (receive direction) 30 dB (send direction)

I have not had a chance to test it with my vigor 2600 yet, but i wanted to see if anyone else is using a Fritz!Box or had problems using this router? or if anyone had any ideas as to why it may connect at the lower speed.



Fritz!Box setup and speed issue.

Just checked using my Draytek and it shows 1mb, so i guess i am a bit screwed!.