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Free domain name hosting?


Free domain name hosting?

We have another PlusNet account that we use for business. On that account, we have a number of domain names which are being hosted at £25/year each.
We no longer have a need to retain these domain names so when they come up for renewal we'll just let them go. Until then, we'd like to transfer the domains elsewhere, perhaps to a free domain name hosting service, so that they don't cost us any more money.
Once, they've been off-loaded, we can then use the mney that would have been spent hosting them to host a new domain name that we now wish to register.

Does anyone know where we can off-load the domains - are there any free hosting compnaies kicking about?
Alternatively, do the domains have to be hosted - can't I just get PlusNet to stop hosting them and they'll sit, er, in some cyber black hole somewhere - fi you get my meaning Smiley

Advice/comments would be much appreciated.

Cheers ta.

Free domain name hosting?

Sometimes the place you purchased them will offer free hosting, otherwise just get plusnet to stop hosting them, and let them sit in the blackhole