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Free Upgrade to 2 Mbit HELP needed


Free Upgrade to 2 Mbit HELP needed


ive just checked and seen that you can now get a free upgrade to 2 Mbit ? im on 1Mbit now would all i have to do is pay the regrade fee do i still get my 1-2 gig Storage included, im on PlusNet Broadband Home Lite 2MB
the new one has a different name this is what the upgrade screen is saying id like to upgrade tonight
is it the same monthly price £14.99 ?


Confirm your choice
Thank you for choosing to change your product
"Current Product: ADSL Broadband Home"
New Product: Broadband Plus a t£14.99 per month

To change to this product there will be a one-off payment of £14.99

Thanks malibu Smiley