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Flawless timing


Flawless timing

Well it's now peak-time o'clock and as expected my connection has dropped from 1.91mbps to 500k this is exactly what I thought woud happen and I brought this up with support yesterday and asked why I had been messed about asked to check the line speeds with the BT speed test when it is obvious the problem lies with PlusNet's incapability to manage their traffic.
Now a day later I have had no response from the support team this seems to be a regular occurance which happens every time I work out for myself what the problem is and ask when it will be fixed.
I am in a new billing month so why am I being restricted as if I had passed my 15B maximum limit! it's a joke I am expected to pay the original agreed amount of £21.99 and have my MAC key held ransom whilst PlusNet not only reduce my cap to 10GB but cock up their very reason for doing so, traffic management.
Why should I have to pay the outstanding months of my contract if I leave when the service I am getting is FAR from the contract I have agreed to. If the current situation is anything to go by then I have a 3GB cap and after this point my internet is useless until after midnight!

I think the only step forward can be a formal complaint as the 100's of forum posts from unhappy customers and the numerous unanswered support tickets seem to be having very little effect. Meanwhile PlusNet are quite happy to take my money every month.

My mobile phone network would never get away with this, they couldn't change the value of credit top up so it is worth only 1/3 of what is was before and then turn around and cut off use before midnight! So how on earth can an ISP do this?

Flawless timing

Some results to show my speed at which times...

21-05-2006 17:20:55 508.7

21-05-2006 16:58:49 474.5
21-05-2006 16:58:15 516.4
21-05-2006 16:45:33 1012.5
21-05-2006 16:44:50 998.9
21-05-2006 00:46:32 1901.4
21-05-2006 00:45:59 1903.9
20-05-2006 23:47:19 513.9
20-05-2006 23:41:11 535.8
20-05-2006 21:32:03 514.5
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Flawless timing

Here mate, I'm the same. Dont phone support, you might get the same muppet I did. A guy called "Lewis" who was as helpfull as a hole in the head. I've been having the same problem as you since 10th May and Plusnets broadband fault checker is showing a "FAULT" funnily enough.

Here's my test results, my router syncing at 4800kbps btw.

21-05-2006 17:15:25 485.1
21-05-2006 16:28:56 849
21-05-2006 14:32:15 2868.2
21-05-2006 12:58:08 2828.6
21-05-2006 09:26:08 2197.2
21-05-2006 00:01:20 517
20-05-2006 23:19:27 454.2
20-05-2006 18:38:13 898.1
20-05-2006 18:20:43 918.9
20-05-2006 17:30:29 969.9
20-05-2006 14:35:01 405.1
20-05-2006 13:13:35 2178.3
20-05-2006 11:59:26 2565.6
20-05-2006 11:26:09 2656.2
20-05-2006 00:04:41 2771.4
19-05-2006 22:46:23 1033.8
19-05-2006 20:30:25 1054.7
19-05-2006 19:36:44 1004.7
19-05-2006 18:28:25 1047.9
19-05-2006 14:40:13 2798.8

I'm miffed to say the least.


And here's the result from another speed test at:

MySpeed Results
Download 441,264 bps
Upload 65,648 bps
Quality Of Service 17%
Round Trip Time 58 ms
Max Pause 1071 ms

The quality of service says it all.