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Flaky Connection?


Flaky Connection?


At home, I have Plusnet 512 Premier - with a Netgear DG834GUK as my DSL router and firewall - a laptop with built in Intel Wifi, and a Desktop with Netgear 311. Everything works absolutely fine, and couldnt be much happier. Cheesy

Im currently visiting family, helping them get their new PlusNet account and Wifi net up and running - again, I got them the same Netgear Kit. Overall its working fine - but now and again I lose WAN connectivity for about a minute... connections from PC to router appear to hold up fine - but the connection to the outside world seems to vanish, then come back of its own accord. :?

Anyone got any ideas why? It *may* be worth noting that my folks live in the middle of nowhere - Im not sure how close they are to the exchange - but surely they must be close enough, in order to have had DSL activated :?:


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Flaky Connection?

Im not familiar with the netgear router but as with most you should
have an option within the setup screen for "Connect on Demand" and
"Keep Alive: Redial Period" it may be worth checking these settings
and changing it to "Keep Alive" with the default number,

it sounds as if it may be on "Connect on demand" which would cause the
behaviour you describe

hope this sorts out your problem !