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Fist connection with ADSL


Fist connection with ADSL

Before it all happened I read, re-read and read again everything i thought might be relevant to my setting up ADSL.

Yesterday evening my router showed the much sort after steady green light but my ticket said there was a problem with my account.

Early this afternoon I was told that every thing was ready to go but nothing I did produced the magic result. Every time I tried to test the computer and the modem/router the dial-up account kept popping up and and asking if I would like to access the Net.

Then I had a brief flash of intelligence, I deleted the Plusnet dial-up account and, bingo, my ADSL was there.

So my question is this - why should my dial-up account stop access to ADSL?

Fist connection with ADSL

In Internet options - connections, your most probably had the dail up set as default and the option "always dial my default connection".
For DSL you should have "never dial a connection", or less preferable as it can still bring up a dial box in some instances, "dial whenever a network connection is not present".