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Firewall and FTP wierd problem, annoying!


Firewall and FTP wierd problem, annoying!

Hi all,

I've been with for ages, for as long as I can remember I've had a problem with FTPing with a firewall switched on (zonealarm). I can download from my FTP server on the web, but I can't upload. Everytime I do the file is created on the server with a size of 0 bytes, but the connection times out and I get disconnected. I'm running through a wireless router at home and the firewall on this is off, it's just Zonealarm thats stopping me. If I disable ZA I can up and download via FTP no problem at all. I've tried different FTP software - Im currently using SmartFTP. I've put up with it for ages but it's a major pain in the ass and a security hole.

In the time I've had this problem I've been through a couple of WinXP Pro rebuilds as well so I'm not convinced its Windows Firewall (switched off at the moment).

Can anyone relate to this problem or is it just me? does anyone have any ideas or things for me to try? anything would be grately appreciated. Thanks!

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Firewall and FTP wierd problem, annoying!

The firewall probably hasn't been set up correctly. Is the FTP client set up to act as a server? ie allowing data to be sent from your computer?

Firewall and FTP wierd problem, annoying!

Yeah it's setup as a server. interestingly I've just rebuilt my system and it wasnt setup by default to act as a server - obviously. But when I changed it, it worked on my space but not on hosting by ARHosting. Wierd

Firewall and FTP wierd problem, annoying!

Hi there, I've just had (and solved) a similar sounding problem - so here it is for everyone else.
After installing the latest free Zone Alarm (ZoneAlarm) firewall (v5.5_094_000) my access to PlusNet's FTP sites stopped.
It was fine with the previous ZoneAlarm version.

When I switched the firewall off - then FTP access was fine again - but well insecure...

After some digging on the ZoneAlarm help files it turns out that all you have to do is include the PlusNet FTP sites (regular and CGI) in the 'Trusted' list of sites within ZoneAlarm. Like this:

Open ZoneAlarm - choose 'Firewall' menu item at the left - then click on the 'Zones' tab - then click the 'Add>>' button - then fill in the boxes.
You'll need to do this for '' and also for 'cgi.<your_username>'

Sadly PlusNet Support were not able to resolve this and only wanted me to check that my FTP client was set up in ACTIVE mode.

ZoneAlarm early version


The problem with the freeware version of ZoneAlarm your talking of is that ZoneLabs have changed and added, moved & removed & modfied the GUI & so many features in the most recent versions of ZoneAlarm that I'm NOT at all suprised bye this story. I feel that I was extremely lucky that I got my hands on what I truely believe is THE best version ever of the free ZA product which is version 2.6.231 its quite basic and so easy to use. Set it & forget it, its rock solid and I've used it for several years now trouble free.

**In version 2.6.231 you just set permissions on the applications listing, telling ZA if it can have local or internet access, or block access or ask each time, or allow to act as server. Very simple stuff.

**I've tested several of the newer versions of ZA but hated everyone of them, all of them were to fussy (like an overstuffed creamcake comes to mind, I dont want all the other fancy features most of them are a waste of time anyway) and always returned to the version I trust the most & I have no plans to change it either.

**The version I have might be simple but bye goodness its powerfull at what its designed for. I've tested ZA 2.6.231 and every time it passed all the port scanning tests (complete stealth mode).


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Firewall and FTP wierd problem, annoying!

I have exactly the same problem as the original poster. I've tried switching off my firewall, as suggested above, but to no avail. I can't believe it's a problem at my end, because sometimes it works and sometimes not. Seems to hang more often with text files though...
Any (more) ideas?

Firewall and FTP wierd problem, annoying!

Zonealarm generally sucks and is best in the recycle bin.

Problem is most software firewall's can be sucky at times.

Heres the top hated list

1) Zonealarm. Can work fine then just stop for no reason. Upgrades tend to sucky as well. Doesn't always uninstall properly and lurks in the background continuing to break things. Delete key then normally takes care of it. Nags the user all the time. Nightmare when cleaning a machine where the user has been downloading pron all the time and file sharing. The old women nagging forces you to remove it.

2) Mcafee. Resource hungry and when I last used it tended to refuse to update and never log an intrusion attack. General over all slowness persuaded me to recycle bin it. Nagging only annnoys at the intial setup. If you buy the combined suite don't expect the virus checker to finnish in one night. Slow to the point of being useless.

3) Nortons 2005 Not so resource Hungry as previous versions. It's the one I use as I've learn't how to fix it, re-install it. Suffers from liveupdate breakages. Doesn't always uninstall properly. This problem is so bad that Nortons had to create a seperate removal tool. Now hows that for sucking big time. New version going includes anti spy and the beta seems pretty good. No doubt they'll put some sucky bits in for the final release. Nagging isn't too bad either.
Virus checker is faster than previous versions.

4) F-Secure. Tried this. Ran well for a bit then it went belly up. Although it overall uses less resources it installs billions of services. Updates are sucky and often refuse to run. You download the latest manually and you guessed it, it breaks the program. Another for the recycle bin. Virus checker not bad but doesn't seem as good as the Nortons and less through than Mcafees but whips it ass at speed.

5) Windoze firewall comes with XP and since it's Microsoft sucks big time. Very basic and needs some major upgrading. However Microsoft will probably kill the firewall after market if they released a proper firewall. If you're behind a hardware firewall like the one included Netgear DG834G it would probably do unless you're a naughty boy/girl and like porno sites and you're not careful what you click on.

One or two others I tried but they sucked as well.

Firewall and FTP wierd problem, annoying!

so we all use sygate and we are all happy, when will people learn that none of these are effective anymore however and are just a placebo, you see the ZA / sheild / globe // whatever icon it is, and you therefor assuem you are safe, you are NOT. Sygate is nice, but its not the solution, you need hardware firewalls, software firewalls and access controll lists with an IDS running to make sure you are safe, especialy if you do online banking // store critical informationon your home computer.