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Finally got my ticket out of this sespit


Finally got my ticket out of this sespit

After 3 months of crap service from the staff at plusnet, an all round patronising attitude from the 1 (yes one) person I got through to on the telephone in 3 months of waiting I finally bit the bullet and told them where to stick their so called "network". (Don't flatter yourself PN, I got a better ping when I tied two cups together with string).

For those of you staying here - good luck...

For those of you leaving here - good luck getting your MAC

I'll be at Aquiss - where the sevice flourishes there like the ineptness flows here.

All the best!!! Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

Finally got my ticket out of this sespit

Same story with me - dire support, download speeds 0k when they were fine a month ago. No changes to my hardware, even restored image backup of month ago and still 0k downloads and plusnet support recommend i upgrade to a more expensive service. I'll be joining you at one of plusnets competitors soon enough as i am SICK TO FUCK of acting as plusnets tech support in my free-time.

Finally got my ticket out of this sespit

well if you can't spell 'cesspit' or 'service' then you can't be taken seriously.... I have swapped 8 emails with plus customer service and they were fast and accurate and helpful - and they can spell !
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Finally got my ticket out of this sespit


Just because you think you know how to spell and haven't had any unfortunate experiences with the PlusNet Customer Services doesn't mean that others less fortunate than you should be targets for your opprobrium.

You don't have to look far on this forum to find cut-and-paste examples of Customer Support responses to tickets that are littered with misspellings and that have often indicated that the respondent hadn't read what the customer had written-- misspellings are excusable, misreadings are less so, unwarranted rudeness is inexcusable!

Finally got my ticket out of this sespit

My theory on the correlation between being able to spell, and having organised thoughts, was inspired by observing george w and is possibly unfair on my fellow Brits to whom I apologise -- I just want to post that my current experience with plus customer service is very good - in fact excellent. Com on - Cridit wear cridits dew I say...
Seriously, users need to be able to say that things are improving when they are, otherwise plus will just say what's the point in spending money on improving things if the customers don't appreciate it... Who are these other wonderful ISP's anyway ? TalkTalk ? forget it - grass is always greener
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And if you can help to lessen others' pain at getting a MAC

Can you let me know what is the correct telephone number to ring? And possibly the options one should key in the phone?


Finally got my ticket out of this sespit

number at bottom of the page but email is quicker