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Feedback: Next Generation Broadband Network

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Feedback: Next Generation Broadband Network


Just some feedback on the alternative network trial.
It has been stable since switching last week. Speeds around about the usual: 2.6-2.8MPS

Noticed tonight (20:30-21:00) that connection speed is better at 3MPS but has suddenly droped down to 240-360kps.

Have rebooted router twice and the speed starts high and then drops off.

Current IP is:; DNS:
But didnt recall previous.
Speed currently: 3.1MPS

There is an expired red virtual path status at my exchange: EABSE so that maybe an influence at this time of night.


New "Improved" Network !!!!................Very Di

Have also tried switching to new network connection at

Carried out 6 speed tests immediately before switching and 6 afterwards.............. following changeover the connection speeds dropped by about 1000.......... very disappointing for a new, and thus logically, little used "new" network system. :? :!:

Am switching back to the old system. May try again in future if these discussions report major improvements.
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Feedback: Next Generation Broadband Network

Hi there.

There is clearly somthing not quite right here.

You should not in any way be seeing that difference.

Was anything else running on your system while you were connected to RIN?

In addition, it would be worth checking your MTU and RWIN settings as I suspect this is the main cause of the difference you are seeing.

Kitz from the UserGroup has created a superb series of articles on MTU and RWIN and rather than reinvent the wheel I'll point you there for further info.

If you have any queries having read that, post back and we'll be glad to help.
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Feedback: Next Generation Broadband Network

One thing to check is the IP Rate using the BT speedtester.
Because of the way it works the RIN system picks up any drop immediately but the PlusNet can take a lot longer for the change to be picked up and applied

Feedback: Next Generation Broadband Network

Changed to plusdsl2 tonight as requested in plusnet email. Will not connect at all. Revert back and everythings fine. Tried to report it in the faults as suggested on the email and the automated service ends up advising you to go back to original settings and close the fault report when it succeeds.

What's that all about.

How will plusnet get a report that it doesn't work