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Fed up with the MaxDSL service


Fed up with the MaxDSL service

I am about to open yet another question on the quality of my ADSL service, and I thought I'd vent my frustration on this forum.

I migrated to MaxDSL about three months ago, at my request (well I mean I paid £14.99 for an upgrade ahead of the time initially scheduled by PN).

I thought that I could boost my connection to... 1 Meg from a snail-like 512 kbps connection. Theoretical estimates of what my line could support varied from 1 to 2.7 Meg, so I naively expected somewhere in the middle of that bracket.

Alas! Many exchanges with PN later, I understood that 512 kbps was probably my best hope, given BT's policies and the noise levels on my line. I actually convinced myself that 512 kbps weren't too bad.

Except... I can't even get that!! Since the beginning of August my connection has been delivering a remarkable 200 kbps!

And this is about the third time I have noticed a significant deterioration in service. Each occasion has brought up a service query on my part, which was always solved satisfactorily, only for a short period of time.

I am getting very close to jumping ships, things can't be as bad with every ISP?Huh
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Fed up with the MaxDSL service

From your previous posts it looks as though it would not be unreasonable to expect you to be stable at 2Mbps with an SNR of about 6dB-- maybe the odd glitch could make things want to synch lower but that looks like it ought to be the norm.

I would be inclined to think that BT's equipment is the main problem-- maybe if you were connected via true Rate Adaptive technology like ADSL2+ you might have less problems but there are no guarantees even then

Fed up with the MaxDSL service

You're absolutely right in terms of synchronisation speeds, 2 Mbps / 6 db SNR was what my router was displaying during the training period. RADSL / MaxDSL is so conservative that it will raise your SNR to a level that can be sustained, and drop your sync speed accordingly (typically 1024 kbps for me). What actual speed you get is pot luck depending on BT's policy.

I am getting a lot of disconnects even at the lower speeds but this could be caused by my D-Link router - haven't bottomed this one out yet.

Response from PN to my question last night: no fault on the line - but this morning's speed tests show no greater than 240 kbps!!

Upwards and onwards...

Fed up with the MaxDSL service

I've been having "issues" with my connection from the moment LLU was implemented.
Originally, I lost connection for 13 days, then as if by magic, a 2 meg line was granted to me.. WHOOPDEEDOO!! Back on the web for some porn and MP3's!!
Now last week, my router status page (Draytek Vigor 2600G) says I have a 2 meg fully sync'd line with 256kb upstream.. BUT here's the rub, I am only getting 2.3KBS at best!!
I've tried all the tweaks and fiddles that my router has, and guess what? None of them make a tiny bit of difference.