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Fault with RADIUS


Fault with RADIUS

PlusNet i have already contacted you with
ticket no: [ 5613943 ]

But there is 307 before me.
You're system is messed up.

PlusNet ADSL on won't authenticate.
nor will PlusNet local call dialup.
i'm getting invalid user name and password.

Please look into this.
you might want to know that i was disconnected
and when trying to re-connect this happend.
i have already re-booted several times.

And i'm using to access this portal.

Other PlusNet users might like to write this local call number down: 08456091370

I use this as a spare when PlusNet fails.
any username and password combo will get you connected to the net. give this number out to people with domains with them, and encourage you to give it to your friends. so it's OK to use.