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Fault or Not ?


Fault or Not ?

I have been with PN for 3 years. Initially using the trusty USB Binatone ADSL 500 modem issued by PN with no problems. 18 months ago upgraded to BT Voyager 2100 router and linked in my WiFi laptop.

Everything worked ok until a few months ago with the dreaded MaxADSL and LLU. Frequent disconnections and now hardly any service.

So 5 days ago went back to the Binatone and everything rock solid again. No dropouts. Decided it must be the router so just bought a new Belkin. Can't even get that to connect any way.

So very curious. The connection fine with the old Binatone. Initially reporting connection around 4 Meg with throughput initially 128k, has risen to 250k and now 500k over about 4 days.

Can anyone shed any light. Why does the Binatone connect OK but routers won't. :?

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hi there, i am still using the binatone 500 modem issued to me
back in 2003 and still going strong. most of the trouble
posted seems to concern routers with this maxdls thing.
i myself opted out at the start of this, you could say i
smelt a rat, and i was right good old bt. regards trevor
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Fault or Not ?

I suspect more people have had trouble with the "good old Binatone USB modems" than with a good new router/modem with a modern chipset! The Binatones are definitely living life on the edge when you start getting towards 8Mbps and beyond and most peoples experience of modern routers whether Netgear or Belkin are pretty good and trouble free.

I reckon you were either sold a Belkin that was DOA or you didn't get the installation right-- what router is it and what were the symptoms?

Fault or Not ?

The router is a Belkin F5D7632.
I guess the set up is correct as I have used the BT Voyager for some time and know the rules and I am a computer engineer.

To have two faulty units is to much of a coincidence especially when a lot of others are having problems connecting and it all seemed to start around MaxADSL time.

My Binatone works fine so why won't the other two. I think they are to close to the edge

Fault or Not ?

I am going to close my account with PN and go back to good old BT.