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Faster xDSL - further distance


Faster xDSL - further distance

Does anyone know if technology will be rolled out to allow faster xDSL to reach further? For us lowly souls who have to live with RDSL at 512k. I'd love to get a 1mb or 2mb service.


RE: Faster xDSL - further distance


The speeds you can obtain are bassed on the line loss.

Regardless of distance (1 meter, to 10 miles), if the line loss is too much, you are limited in what you can obtain.

The new trials being conducted by BT, with regards to DSL reaching further, are for a half speed service (not even classed as broadband from what I hear, as 300Kbits is a min).

As for ISP's providing new 1 and 2Mbit home services, it is likely that you need to be able to use a NON-RDSL service.

However, I could be wrong.
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RE: Faster xDSL - further distance

Hi Craig,

BT are currently running a small trial (10 users) with regard to the allowable noise level on DSL being increased from 55 to 60DB - This would give 97% coverage on each enabled exchange. I believ this would be deluivered using RADSL, which means your upload speed may be decreased where noise levels are high.

Faster broadband is something we are currently working on - I have already replied in length elsewhere regarding this, but if you would like a summary then just ask!


Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support