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Fast Connection - Slow Web Page Loading


Fast Connection - Slow Web Page Loading


This is a very strange one! I have done various speed tests over the past couple of days and they have all been about 3Mb/s. The thing that is annoying is that it takes an age for a webpage to load. Everything else on the machine runs a flyer, it just seems to be web pages loading with either Firefox or IE7 thats the problem.

Any ideas of settings that I have enabled/disabled that would cause this?

I am using a Netgear DG834G Wireless Router.


Fast Connection - Slow Web Page Loading

You dont say if its all pages or just certain ones. If its just certain ones then it could just be the website. If you load a page and the page has a asp or php extension then its running software on the server which may be heavily loaded. If its just a .htm or html file then its just a simple download of the contents.

Do you run anything else like P2P as this can grab all the up bandwidth and bring webpages to a crawl as you need to be able to send a request up to get a page down.

If its all pages then it may be the MTU setting or wireless interferences has it suddenly started or has it gone on a while?
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Fast Connection - Slow Web Page Loading

Must be said I'm also having problems with EVERY site at the moment.

Until now I just had probs with file transfers etc, but now PN have decided to hit my http traffic too. DNS errors are becoming more frequent aswell as slow loading times when the DNS does work. Strange thing is, I always get connected at 7.6MB so there's a decent connection - just no throughput.

I'm getting sick of this. No doubt PN won't bother responding..
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