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Fast Connection - Slow Browsing - HELP!!!


Fast Connection - Slow Browsing - HELP!!!

Hi all,

For quite a while now I have been getting pretty fast download speeds, but my browsing speeds (with Firefox and IE7) are really really slow and very frustrating.

I am using a Netgear DG834 wireless router/modem.

I have Norton Internet Security, with default settings.

I did a run with Spybot Search & Destroy, and nothing major was uncovered!

Any advice would be appreciated!


Fast Connection - Slow Browsing - HELP!!!

Check out here, the tweaks test here and try downloading DrTCP from here to adjust the settings to those recommended.
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Fast Connection - Slow Browsing - HELP!!!

I can only sympathise. i had a similar problem a while back after visiting a dodgy site and having a trojan installed on my PC. HTTP speeds dropped to almost nothing yet every other PC on my network was as normal. Despite this, running virtual versions of windows on the same PC also had no problems - Obviously the trojan had interfered with my http settings because no other TCP traffic was affected.

I didn't find any cure for it except these 2 commands:
format c:
setup.exe Wink
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