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Fair Usage - anyone else confused ?


Fair Usage - anyone else confused ?

I may be a little dumb but is anyone else out there totally confused about what PN are doing now.

I am currently paying £30 a month for ADSL home "unlimited" though this was cut back to 50gb on fair usage I think.

If I am reading this right I could get Broadband Premier with no fair usage and at the maximum speed possible on a 30:1 contention for £21.99 pm. This sounds like brilliant news, but will plus net automatically upgrade our accounts to premiere or will they hope that I carry on paying £30 a month and if I read their chart right still have only 50:1 contention!

It stands to reason that all existing customers are likely to want the fastest unlimited connection, with the lowest contention ratio, at the lowest price they can get so can I suggest that PN simply convert us all to premier without making us apply for a change of service. Then if a few people want to drop to the 19.99 option with higher contention they are free to downgrade.

So would anyone like to explain in clear english what existing users should do to get the best and most cost effective service from PN. I am all for saving on ISP costs since I have now had to move my websites to a backed up hosting service