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Failed delivery of modem


Failed delivery of modem

Dear Sirs,

I have just check and found that you failed to send me the modem. I don't know why and how could that be, 'cause you didn't give any reason for the failed delivery.
Could you either let me know the contact number or resend the modem to my office: Libe Li 55 Corstorphine Road, eh12 5qg. If you want to contact me pls email to : or phone: 0131-3371207


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Failed delivery of modem

Li --
If you have a problem with a delivery you need to contact PN directly using the "Help Assistant" on the portal or via the telephone (but good luck)
This is a public forum for PlusNet users and isn't an official route into Support (although you may be lucky and catch the attention of a support person who is monitoring the forum) so it may not be good idea to publish your own phone number, home and email addresses in a post here.