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Ironically last night no problems with my connection no flickering light on the Router, but am now looking at Replacement faceplate as everywhere says they are so much better. Just one question are they easy to fit? I have just the BT master socket in the house so no extensions to worry about, so is it a case of unscrewing the old front and removing and just poping the new one on (so no messing with any wires I hate messing with wires)?


In terms of cimplicity to install, yes, it is that easy.

However, based on other comments in your post, you may not need a faceplate filter (although they have shown to help in cases like your, when in terms of technology, they shouldnt).

1: If removing the front of your current faceplate, do you find any wires attached to the rear of the faceplate? (front portion, not the rear BT portion).

2: If not, are there any attached to the rear of the BY portion, other than the incoming cable from BT?

If the answer is no, then you should see no benefit however, as noted, people have seen improvments.

If you answer yes to number 1 but not 2, then there are extentions wired into the system when you say there isn't. Try disconnecting them to see if this cures your problem.

You will benefit from a faceplate filter here, if you wish to keep the wires connected.

If it is no to 1 but yes to 2, then there are wired extentions in the house, which are improperly connected. Officialy, only BT can disconnect these.

A faceplate will not help here, as the wires would remain unfiltered after installation. moving them over to the filter (not the BT ones, just the others) would help though.

If you answer yes to both, then you have a mix of the two problems above.