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FUP Withdrawn


FUP Withdrawn

You gottta laugh at the way this company is run.
They propose to introduce usage capping but deny it's really capping, they announce the start date for the FUP as 14th April, but their system which supposedly monitors usage doesn't work by that date so capping it isn't implemented on the 14th.

"We would like to inform you that our previously announced Fair Usage policy takes effect from Thursday 14th April 2005.

What is Fair Usage?
Fair Usage ensures that PlusNet broadband customers enjoy a fast and reliable service, by setting out what we consider to be sustainable for each product.

Check your broadband speed to see your Fair Usage:
512k - 30GB (except ADSL Home Surf - 22GB)
1Mb - 50GB
2Mb - 75GB

As well as your Fair Usage amount, you can also use up to 200 GB* extra every month by scheduling downloads between off-peak hours of 1-8AM."

Then on the 21st April they withdraw the Fair Usage Policy claiming that they had been "considering alternatives for some time." --- You gotta laugh at that one !

Xref: plusnet.service.customer-feedback:19030

Following our recent announcements about the implementation of the
proposed fair usage system, we have taken the decision to not implement
fair usage. This decision is in no small part due to the changing
broadband market and the requirement to ensure that a minority of
customers does not continue to impact the experience for the majority.

Withdrawing the fair usage system is not a decision that has been taken
lightly and alternatives have been in consideration for some time. We
believe that the way to move forward is by continuing to manage our
broadband service through contention.

Perhaps someone from Plusnet would like to explain what my current "Broadband Premier 50 GB @ £29.99" account now entitles me to and how it is different to the original "Premier Uncapped £29.99" account that I signed up to last August.

The FUP was supposed to ensure a " fast, reliable and sustainable service" ---- does the withdrawl of the FUP mean that Plusnet can provide none of those ideals in the future ?

This whole Fair Usage Policy affair has been a complete shambles and an insult to their customers. --- What's the chance of someone at PlusNet holding up their hand and admitting they have made a mistake ? -----

The biggest U-Turn of the Election so far !!

Do we still get our maximum speed upgrades Huh :roll:
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FUP Withdrawn

18. I have paid to move to a Premier 30/50 service. What will happen to me?
You will receive a full refund of the downgrade fee. This excludes any applicable BT regrade charges.


FUP Withdrawn


New customer, signed up for Premier 30 and was connected (at 512k) last Friday. Joined Plusnet partly on the recommendation of a colleague but mainly for the FUP which seemed to suit my usage.

Looking at my stats I'm using just short of 3MB per day which will get me up to my supposed 30MB limit in ten days. However, I know that the huge majority of that traffic is uploading more or less H24 whilst most 'big' downloads are done in the 'free' time during the night. With uploading and night time downloading excluded from the fair usage limit, I was pretty confident that my 'fair' usage would not exceed the 30GB average that I'm paying for.

What happens now? Have I gone through all the hassle of changing just to get screwed by a policy change a week later? And when will I get the speed upgraded to 2MB? At the time they said five days, it is now six.

Otherwise, I'm delighted with the change... :?
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Re: The biggest U-Turn of the Election so far !!

Do we still get our maximum speed upgrades Huh :roll:

You'll have to pay a higher subscription, by the looks of things.

And maybe even pay an upgrade fee, too - who knows?!

Don't worry, though. 8Mb will not be widely available until towards the end of the year. No doubt, by then, PN will have changed direction yet again.


I am a high user but I was quite happy to kerb my use to 50gb to get a 2mb connection - and i referred 3 people in the last month on the strength that they would get 2mb connections during April/May for no extra. Thats gonna be popular, i cant believe they can jsut change their minds apparently on a whim when so many sign up for 12 month contracts - it all seems to be a one way thing, long gone is the PlusNet great customer service that i joined for.
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FUP Withdrawn

Met pol traffic squad & kerbing -- surely not? Cheesy

FUP Withdrawn

Nobody like a smart arse !!
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FUP Withdrawn

Tut, tut, language - should be use to smart 'folk'! :lol:

FUP Withdrawn

Doh I upgraded to the 2mb package for monthly bandwith reasons only.
I paid a £15 regrade fee and an additional £8 for something :/

FUP Withdrawn

Ok.. So yes no answers please plus.

1. Will my line get faster (i have 512 prem)
2. Will i have to pay for it.

And a non yes/no aswers

3. How much would you theroreticaly have to download to get a 1:5 or less conection.

4. When will i see a speed upgrade in cornwall.
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FUP Withdrawn

1. maybe, depends on the quality of your line i.e. line attenuation. SNR in most cases those on 512K will get at least 1mb.
2. no

3. Pass

4. when BT get around to it and PlusNet have no control over this. Between now and June I think.

FUP Withdrawn

Thanks. I have a few mates who where thinking of moving to plus when they heard about FUP. There in a 2 meg arear if they joined now would get 2meg striat away? And would it be best to advise them to wait for this to settle down?

FUP Withdrawn

So how much is the monthly charge going to be? It just says "Broadband Premier, Broadband PAYG, Broadband Home Premier, ADSL Home, Broadband EasyStart" will be going up to 30:1 contention. Are the people who had a 512k/30gb account going to pay more or the people on 1mb/50gb or 2mb/75gb accounts pay less or what?
I thought the FUP was exactly that...Fair. The only people complaining were the bandwidth hogs. I consider myself quite a heavy downloader, and the most I have EVER seen my usage at was about 70 gig, and that included uploads. Under the FUP that would have easily been within the 50gb downloads available on the account I would have been on. Why anyone needs to download more than that in a month is beyond me. Where are you putting it all?? Eh? Evil I have over 600 gig of HD space and 2 240 disc CD wallets FULL of crap I have downloaded and most of it I haven't even looked at!!! Also on this line, all the people saying 'I'll just go somewhere else then' NO I.S.P. will allow users to download at full bandwidth 24/7. It's like a shop happily selling you a crate of beer for the same price as a 6 pack, just because you can drink more. It costs them money, and no business on the planet is going to run at a loss when it's unneccesary. Also, while I'm off on one, why do people always have to be so damn negative all the time? I'd like to ask jsp21c where he gets the idea that PlusNet are trying to insult their customers? They came up with the FUP to stop people taking the mick with their usage, which in both the long and the short term would benefit the huge majority of their customers. They have obviously had problems implementing it, and it has (due to a large number of people kicking up a fuss about something that would probably never even begin to affect them) shown to be unpopular. What would you like them to do? Keep on with it anyway? It didn't matter what they did they were wrong. In your view they were only doing it to inconvenience and/or insult their customers. PlusNet are obviously trying to get the best service they can to the vast majority of their customers. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM PEOPLE?Huh I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm picking on you in particular, but I have been reading so much CRAP on these forums the last few weeks and I felt that I had to say something. [/RANT]

The FUP was also (to me anyway) clear in what was and wasn't acceptable in terms of usage and clear in cost. This new method needs to be explained better, especially as it now looks like there are only going to be 4 accounts types available, as opposed to the plethora of options we had to pick from before. :shock:
Thanks to all the people who compained about the nice, clearly written and straightforward FUP.

Oh, and we can all kiss goodbye the hopes of a nice shiny 8meg line for no extra cost when it becomes available.

Pld. Evil

Well theres a thing!

So the bit in Dilbert where the marketing team is despised by the company - anysign of that on the plusnet cameras Wink

Presumably someone worked out when the customers bought 'unlimited' with 'contention' thats actually what the customers wanted - otherwise they wouldn't have signed the plusnet contract in the first place.

LOADS of brownie points to plusnet for working this out (eventually)

The products ARE good, and WERE obvious, UNTIL someone decided to have an incredibly broad definition of the para in the contract describing fair use... if you really want to switch to bandwidth charging rather than speed - just say so .. please dont wrap it up in FUP/CAP language.