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FTP speeds and peak times etc


FTP speeds and peak times etc

Well firstly, what are the times for "peak usage" is it still 4pm - midnight? (and the rest is off peak?)

how much "off peak" data can we download? is it actualy not capped?

FTP speeds, I know are "packet managed" or w/e they want to call it (crippled) during peak hours for some unknown reason, seeing as it has a very small influence on the bandwidth//on PN servers (shown by their own graphs) but what about when its not peak time, after about 1am it seems I can get about 400KB/s (thats good for the speed I am sync'd at) however after about 8am, it drops to about 50KB/s (at the moment 30KB/s)

Speed testing from the blueyounder mirror service gives 412KB/s(ish) after 1am, but now is giving me 30KB/s.

From the Ac.UK mirror service at Kent the same applies.

The amazing thing is, when you do the exact same downloads over HTTP you get in excess of 300KB/s at the moment (just tried), so what are you doing to FTP to kill it that much??

Oh and to plusnet, how can BY have so much free bandwidth, yet you do not?