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FTP speed caps ?


FTP speed caps ?


Can someone give me an 'idea' of what sort of transfer speeds I can expect when say, transferring a 1MB file from my home FTP server (im on 512/256k link at home). Obviously 256k upload is not brilliant but just want to get a general idea of speeds that other users are getting when pulling/pushing files to their 'home' FTP servers across the same speed linkHuh??

Theoritcally I should be able to d/l a file to myself at 256k....yes? but the speeds Im getting are pathetic !!! like 15k etc...Whats going on ? or is this the 'norm' and will getting a faster package boost this?

I really thought that I should have been able to get/put files at a MUCH faster speed than this...?

cheers guys

FTP speed caps ?

Well firstly, when I transfer from myself [using] I get like 1000kb/s. So internally, it depends on the speed of your network.

When I have my FTP publically, people have got speeds of upto 30kb/s. It all depends on their location [if you're in England and they're in America, it's obviously slower].
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FTP speed caps ?

Another thing that causes a lot of confusion is the distinction between Kilo bits (Kb) and Kilo Bytes (KB)

Quite often software reports a speed of say 10KB (bytes) which seems slow but this is really 80 Kbits as there are 8 bits in one byte.

Bandwidth on FTP

Hi Guys

EuroTrain4 - you will get up to anything you like Internally depending on your LAN !! - Its the public FTP thats the issue for us

I am actually noticing the problem as well - people are reporting cumulative speeds of up to 60K on FTP sessions from my network across plusnet - I have checked that FTP is the only traffic at the time for consistency and CAN'T seem to get anything more than 60K cumulative!!

Now theoretically we should be getting people achieving 256 K on standard £27 business package (take it this is what Network Package you'r referring to)

As well I have checked this out with plusnet customers (same network) who the international routing shouldn't be an issue to and there reporting dog slow speeds from my FTP service !!

So whats the Issue !!

Anyone here help us out Huh

FTP speed caps ?


Im well aware of that's just that the speeds do seem EXTREMELY...slow...

Inceidentall the MC im running the FTP server on is a PIII 800 with 2k installed and 512MB RAM !

Also - I am conducting these speed tests with my brother who is on the same +Net Package as me (same speed) and he only lives a stone throw away....hell we may even be on the same subnet....Im pretty certain that hes also goint to express his concerns within this thread shortly...unless he has done by the time I post this



Hi John

You posted out before i got chance to finish my typing to the other guys- Im not usually a forum person (pretty new to me) - I usually try and speak to tech !

anyway for myself im reporting the Speed in Bits and not Bytes (this is a common mistake as you mention!!)

If it was KBytes i would nbe very Happy - there isnt some form of capping on the FTP traffic for the subscriber is there ??


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FTP speed caps ?


Have you folks used ADSLGuide's speed test, with nothing else running on the line, to ensure that your upload overall is functioning as it should?

You can cut and paste the resulting link back into this thread if you wish, which will helpus to assess the results.


FTP speed caps ?

right will check that out

cheers.....smokingkipper ? - u check this also...ok ?

FTP speed caps ?

Now this is strange - The results from the mentioned test on ADSL guide report good speeds as per the link..........

I had to install the Sun Java 2 Runtime Environment tho - The MS one wouldn't cut it ?!?!

According to this i should be able to serve up to 240 K[BIT] on my FTP service.?

Any more Ideas - there is no capping/filtering on my side whatsoever !!

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FTP speed caps ?

Ages ago when I set up an FTP server on my PC, in order for people to get good speeds from it I had to set the MTU to 1432 (or something like that). With the default of 1500 uploads were maxing out at about 12kB, but with the MTU set lower uploads would reach high 20's.

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FTP speed caps ?

A quick note:

512K DSL = 512k/bit downlink and 256K/bit Uplink.

This means that the maximum transfer rate in KiloBYTES is 60KB/s downlink, and 30KB/s Uplink.

You may have contention on your line, (remember ADSL is a 50:1 or 20:1 contended service)