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FAO PlusNet


FAO PlusNet

Hi, could one of you nice guys at PlusNet action my ticket please.

My ticket number is: 12616202

Sorry for my impatience Shockedops:

Thanks guys

FAO PlusNet

With all respect, it is disrepectful to attempt to queue jump.

Is there any true reason why your ticket should be seen before other customers that are just as valued as you?

FAO PlusNet

with all respect to you, i didnt realise i was jumping the line......until now.

sorry for my ignorance Sad


acarr could you remove this topic please
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FAO PlusNet

Tickets are answered in the order they are raised. When you rase a ticket it goes to the end of the queue and will be actioned as soon as all the tickets above yours have been actioned.

Also note that adding additional text/replies to a ticket put's it at the back of the queue again so don't use the ticket to ask for a progress report or try to get it answered quicker as it will just delay the actioning even more.

The average closure time for tickets can be seen here.