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Exchange move


Exchange move


I'm soon to be moving house, although not moving far I will be on a different BT exchange will this affect my IP address ?

Eg Will I get a new IP or will I have the same one on the new exchange.

Also the existing owner has broadband do I have to make sure he is disconnected before I can be connected ?

R Walker
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Exchange move

The Ip address you get is related to your PN account and allocated by PlusNet and is not related to the exchange you are on.

Yes, the existing owner must make sure ADSL has been ceased, although normally when the phone ownership changes to you all existing services are normally terminated anyway. As a result of this, there may be a 2 week delay before PN can put through an activation request to BT. You will have to pay another activation charge unles you take up PNs offer of a free setup which would have to be repaid pro-rata if you left within 5 years (it reduces for each year you stay with PN).