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Exchange Status

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Exchange Status

2 points

1. Why is exchange status not up-to-date. ie my exchange status was last updated 9/2/2004 - strange as my exchange was only enabled on Feb 11.

2. My exchange (LCEAR) is showing as amber on other exchange status pages - not Plus.nets though. Is this normal, having only been ADSL enabled since Feb 2004?
I have not noticed any slow down in speeds though - if anything I'm now getting my highest speeds to date (this could be down to the most recent firmware upgrade of my DG834G though)


Exchange Status

Plusnet update their information from bt, as far as your exchange goes LCEAR

General Information
Name: Earby
Approx phone lines: 2,714
ADSL Exchange Capacity Information
Capacity Status: Amber
DSLAM's installed: 1
Bandwidth availability: High
End-user signup rate: Low
Next DSLAM due: None planned
Data last updated: 05 May 2004, 15:41:00

Exchange Status

By any chance do you refer to amber status from the NDO checker?

It would seem the NDO checker has very odd details, and I can gurentee that the checker is correct. I will check the data manualy if you wish?

"last updated 9/2/2004"

That is 100% correct. That was the last time BT made any changes to the details they send. IE, it has been green since that date.

Savaged? Can I ask where you got that detail.

Having reviewed all the possible information I can obtain, I can quite certainly say that some of the detail is impossible to find out.

Some of the information contained there is also misleading. The date used for the next DSLAM install doesn't mean it will acutaly be a new DSLAM. It might only need new line cards.

User-takup rates are also not availabile. Maybe that is the takeup on that exchange by the ISP they obtained the data from.

Exchange Status

The info is from the samknows broadband site

And example is here