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Excellent service so far.....


Excellent service so far.....

I just thought I'd go against the usual trend of only posting to forums when there is a problem. :-)

I've had PlusNet ADSL since Nov 27th, and so far it has been EXCELLENT. It was activated quickly, worked the first time I setup my router, and has been totally reliable, both in terms of connectivity and speed. Speeds have been consistently high.

So thanks to PlusNet for the excellent service, and I hope it stays this way!


RE: Excellent service so far.....

I agree partially here. Roll eyes

I had a troubled start to the service, but with a little time Plusnet sorted any troubles and I`ve had a perfect service since. :bounce:

Nice to see that 2003 is gonna be a good year for all Customers and Staff at Plusnet. Smiley~

I am one happy customer who just wants to shout out about Plusnet Shocked

Or is it coz it new years morning? :lol

All the best for the new year Plusnet Staff.


RE: Excellent service so far.....

I was going to post a similar message when I saw this thread so thought I'd join in. My line was enabled on the 27th Dec but didn't get the router until 31st as I was away. Plugged it in and all working first time. Well done Plusnet.



RE: Excellent service so far.....

I am very happy with PlusNet.

I have a faulty plusnet supplied 3com router, which won't reconnect when the line goes down but then it never does! The filters didn't work, they knocked the line off, then the router wouldn't reconnect. (There is a work around for this)

I replaced the filters with good quality ones (Fujitsu FDX100 £8 from, so my line never drops now, and I don't have a problem with the router unless I switch off, then it won't reconnect unless resort to the work around.

Plusnet have replaced the filters (although I won't be using them) and they have promised to replace the router.

With the above in mind, I am still very happy, it's not their fault they sent out a faulty starter pack, that's down to 3com and YSL.

Overall rating with PlusNet - 100%
3com - 70%
YSL - 10%
Fujitsu - 100%