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Ethernet router, PPPoA, static IP... HELP!


Ethernet router, PPPoA, static IP... HELP!

After waiting close to 3 weeks for ADSL, I've been told it is now operational. I have a Linksys BEFSR41 4 port Etherfast Cable/DSL router. I had hoped to simple plug it in and go - but alas..

My network is fine (3 PCs), but I can't connect to ADSL.

After hanging on the phone to Plusnet for 30 mins, I was told I needed PPPoA. I asked for a static IP address and was given one. I was told I needed PPPoA period.

Alas as Linksys is an ethernet router (I now know), it can't use PPPoA, only PPPoE.

However, it should be perfectly possible to use a static ip address, with default gateway info and the DNS servers.

I've now wasted an entire day trying to get this to work, and have been waiting for support to answer the phone for the last 33 minutes.

As I asked for Ethernet ADSL, with static IP address I dont understand why I wasn't given all the info. In fact checking my details via plusnet website it shows I don't have a static IP address at all, but rather a server assigned (read dynamimc, thus relying on PPPoA).

So, until someone at Plusnet pulls their finger out and helps me I am stuck. I've been waiting 3 weeks, and have had no help.

Could someone please assign my account a static IP address (which I can't do via the plusnet website), and tell me the default gateway address.



35 mins and waiting.. "Your call is important to us.."

If someone could call me on 07786 926092 that would be great.

Mark Bateman
Account name=teamsolve


RE: Ethernet router, PPPoA, static IP... HELP!

Just called you.

To confirm, the deviuce you own is simply a router. Not an ADSL router. Its great for very cheap ADSL devices that do not come with DHCP built in.

So like I said, buy an ADSL device and use what you got as a door stop Smiley


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RE: Ethernet router, PPPoA, static IP... HELP!

If you have already got an ethernet hub on your network, why not try the SAR703 from It is a relatively cheap device (£75 + vat + postage - works out just over £100) with a single ethernet port that links into one of the ports on your hub. I've got one and it is working fine, although I had a bit of trouble configuring it in the first place. If you buy one and can't get it going, please don't hesitate to contact me for help.


Andrew Perry.