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Errored seconds on router


Errored seconds on router

Good evening.
Since being automatically upgraded to a 1meg connection, I have suffered more connection issues. My SNR has dropped to between 4db and 8db. Anything over 8db is usually ok, but more often than not it drops below. My old 512 connection was pretty good. I took this reading from my router (Voyager 205) and wondered if anyone could explain about errored seconds - whether it's a line problem/wiring problem, etc. I've bought decent filters and tried a different router but I get the same results.

Current 15-Min Interval Statistics
Elapsed Time(MM:SS): 10:36
Errored Seconds: 127
Severely Errored Seconds: 57
Unavailable Seconds: 445

Errored seconds on router

If your SNR is below 10DB I'm wondering if your line is capable of handling the faster speeds...

Errored seconds on router

Errored seconds are as they sound. They are the amount of time that data is incapable of being transmitted over the line.

They are usualy formed out of lots of microseconds, rather than continious large amounts of time.

These errors are transmition error between youe modem and the exchange, so yes, a low SNR would be the cause. It is not un-normal to see errored seconds, just not in those volumes.

With such a low SNR, you should be worried.

Do you have the attuation figures at all?
if so, post them.

Depending on this, you may be able to better your SNR, by looking more in detail at youe wireing and filter setup.

Errored seconds on router

My attenuation figures are normally between 45db and 48db, which is well within the 1mb limit - it's just the SNR that is low. I bought some top-range filters recommended on this fora, but the SNR doesn't change if I'm using them or the bog-standard BT filters provided by PlusNet. Unfortunately, I can't get my computer downstairs to see if the router stats are any different in another socket. I don't seem to have a master socket in the house - just normal telephone sockets.