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Error with connecting on XP pc


Error with connecting on XP pc


i have used the same software disk (shipped with the A360 dynamode usb modem) for a laptop running w2k and a desktop running winXP.
everytime i connect the desktop i get an error connecting. both the adsl and usb lights on the modem are ON.
have tried reinstalling the software a couple of times (suggested by tech support @ plusnet).

cant reproduce the error mssg but relates to " not being able to communicate with the remote server"

have to say that i have never had any problems at all connecting the laptop.

any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

Error with connecting on XP pc

lo,hard to know what your error message is relating to without error number,several hundred of them.i assume you have tried basic stuff like firewall off,and check in device manager that your usb ports are enabled?