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Error 721


Error 721


Since Monday night I have been getting Error 721: The remote computer did not respond

I have raised a query but just wondered if anyone can make any suggestions here as to what it is. Everything was working Monday evening then I went back on later and it wasn't working. I am getting the green light on the modem and all software, hardware and settings are correct and haven't changed.

I have tried reinstalling the modem drivers and have checked all connections.

Anyone else have any ideas on what to do? My girlfriend needs the computer for college work tonight Sad


Error 721

Hi Jason,
I too have been getting the exact same problem and exact same error message - either that, or "The PPP Control Link was terminated". It's getting so bad now i can't seem to stay online longer than 5 or 10 mins before it disconnects. Last night, it took around 40 attempts before i could even get a connection to start with.

I am really sick to the back teeth of the poor service that is being provided by Plusnet at the moment - £24 odd quid a month, and for what? An automated message service that hangs up on you once it's told you there's no current issues!

I honestly don't know what the problem is and what's causing it, but perhaps someone that actually knows what they're talking about could enlighten us. Would be nice to think that for all the money they make off us punters, SOMEONE in Customer Service that has skin and breathes might be able to help!


Error 721

Thanks for the reply Sarah, its nice to know that at least its not only me and that theres possibly a problem at Plusnets end.

I did set my automatic retry on to redial every 1 second and keep going for 1000 attempts, I then started watching tv and it didn't connect once in the hour I had the tv on.

To be fair I haven't had as many problems as it seems a lot of people have had with Plusnet but it is starting to get worse the longer I'm with them and I have started to lose the connection more than usual.

Error 721

i'm serious considering cancelling my subscription to Plus and taking my business elsewhere. It makes me so angry when they automatically (and wrongly) assume that the problem lies within your own PC or telephone socket - just how many more of us have this problem, it would be interesting to know!

Thanks for getting back to me, and if you do find out what's causing this crappy connection problem, please, let me know!

Sarah :roll:

Error 721

I'm hoping it will just resolve itself now.

I saw a post earlier saying that 99.9% of the time it was something the user had done and I thought that I must be the 0.01% minority but looking at the forum I'm starting to doubt that.

I want to go wireless so I can use my PSP on the internet so maybe it will be time for a fresh start.

Error 721

Its been just over 24 hours since I reported the fault and I still haven't heard anything back from technical support/plusnet.

Does anyone know what the waiting time is for a response at the moment? I can only get on here while at work and I leave at 12.00 today

You are not alone

This same thing happened to me.
BT had upgraded my line to 8 Meg by mistake (according to PN)
No connection from 20th - 30th June.
Everything worked fine once they fixed it - nice stable 8 Meg connection with no log in problems or disconnections then I got this from PN on 4th July:
"As part of our commitment to providing the best value broadband experience, we have now successfully moved your broadband service to our alternative broadband network.

You should see no change in your service and you don't need to change any settings or your hardware, your broadband will simply continue to work as normal.

Thank you for your continued custom.

Kind regards,

PlusNet Customer Support"

Since then, trouble logging in, disconnections in and speed stuck at 192kps!
Paying for 8Meg broadband but only getting glorified dialup service.
PN haven't answered the ticket.
Not good.

Error 721

Ive just received this but god knows what's going on.


We are pleased to be able to inform you that a member of our Customer Support
Centre has now escalated your Question [number 19755793 ]
for further investigation/resolution.

The following comment was added to the Question
In order for us to investigate further please provide answers to the following questions. BT require the answers to these specific questions before we are able to raise a fault to them. It is important you try all the suggestions so we can rule out non-BT faults. If we raise a fault to BT and the cause is found to be due to your equipment or setup then a BT administration charge of £54.05 can apply.

1. Does the loss of connection occur only at certain times of the day or is it continuous? If only at certain times, please state when.

2. How long has the problem been occurring for and when did it start?

3. What are you doing at the time of the fault - e.g. downloading large files, or does it only drop when idle?

4. When you lose connection is sync lost on the modem/router - i.e. does the ADSL link light start flashing or does it remain solid green?

5. Do you have any other equipment on the line that may affect service, such as a fax machine and is the PSTN (voice) service OK?

6. Please connect your modem/router to the master socket, leaving all other equipment disconnected and see if the problem still happens.

7. Has another modem/router been tested on your line, or have you tested your modem/router on a line known to be working?

8. Has the micro filter being changed to prove if it is a problem?

9. Are you on a particular website when the connection drops?

10. Is the session actually disconnecting (requiring you to login again), or is it degrading to almost nothing (session stays up, but hardly usable)?

11. Can you reconnect again straight away, or do you have to reboot?

12. Do you use any other protocols and applications other than Web-browser, email and FTP?

13. Do you get an error code when you log on again?

14. Have filters been added to all used points?

15. Is there an alarm system on the property which utilises the phone line?

16. Have you anything else connected to your PC besides the modem/router?

Please note the make and model of the hardware that you have. This may help us identify problems more quickly.

Please also include your preferred contact number, (which should be a mobile phone where possible) and an alternative, along with the best time to contact you.


In order for us and BT to investigate further you must leave your ADSL hardware powered-up and plugged in.



To administer your account and for all your help and support requirements visit

Read or respond to your Question -

IMPORTANT: Do not reply to this email, our support team can only deal with inquiries through Help Assistant

PlusNet Customer Support
The Smarter Way to Broadband

[Moderator's note by Mark (pcsni): CSA name removed as per the forum rules.]

Error 721

Well its been 3 days since I logged the problem with Plus Net and I still haven't had any reply from them at all.

I did think beforehand that a lot of posts in this forum where unnecessarily (sp?) slagging off plus net without giving them a chance and that as with any service problems will occur from time to time. But to not even get a simple 'we're looking into this and will get back to you asap' is, in my opinion, completely unacceptable.

I have now joined the legion of fans that have had enough and unless my problem has been dealt with and I get my internet access back I will be looking elsewhere.

Error 721

Ive just received this but god knows what's going on

That is the standard fault diagnosis questionaire. The answers to those questions will help the support team identify your problem. This is the first stage of the fault resolution / identification process.

not happy at all with the service

like many other users we also can not get a connection.

The service from plus net is a disgrace.

I have been trying to contact them all week, my phone bill will be horrific when it arrives.

I would like some answers quick