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Error 650 and how I fixed it.


Error 650 and how I fixed it.

I was getting Error 650 when I first got my 360 USB modem and after a lengthy wait on the support line was asked to return the (obviosly)faulty modem.

The next day I got it working by repacing the cable from the filter to the modem (RJ11 I think?) with the cable from my old dial up modem (the ones that go straight into the phone socket) adn it worked fine.

Dont let Support tell you that if the ADSL light is flashing then the modem is connected to the phone correctly as , if you read the manual, it states that a flashing ADSL light means that the computer is trying to connect to the phone line and a flashing USB light indicates an active connection (why there the wrong way round I dont know, ask Dynamode).

Anyhow, just thought I'd post 1 option of how error 650 may be fixed, hope it helps someone.

Tim Ireland
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RE: Error 650 and how I fixed it.

Thats a bit strange as error 650 means: Modem Not Responding, but if it works go for it...

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RE: Error 650 and how I fixed it.

My modem D-LINK DSL 200 only flashes for a few seconds during bootup, both the computer light and the modem ADSL dector light.

1 light for modem, and 1 light for adsl dectection on modems.

The light on pc flashes during training mode, or when it wont lock.

So my modem seems to work diff from yours,
no flashing lights on mine, both lights need to be rock solid green to connect.