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Error 629.:Terrible time connecting.


Error 629.:Terrible time connecting.


Could someone please advise on how to resolve my problem.

I have a PCI ADSL Conexant Modem. My OS is WinME.

I am having severe difficulty making a connection after every boot and reboot of my PC.

However when I do manage to make a connection it works great and I can disconnect and reconnect quite readily.

I have tried the modem in different slots, plugged and umplugged the cable.. Uninstalled and reinstalled the driver software. Disabled all other running programs, all to no avail.

WinME says the adaptor is working properly.

I am at a loss to know what to do. Shoiuld I try a new modem, cable, microfilter/splitter?

Does anyone know how I might fix this. I am pulling my hair out.


Error 629.:Terrible time connecting.

Switching to ANSI T1.413 i2 seems to have fixed it. Smiley

Error 629.:Terrible time connecting.

Hi there

Glad you've solved the problem. It is omething we have found that on some exchanges that it is better to use the ANSI setting instead of g.dmt.

Kind Regards,
Jay Sheldon
PlusNet Support Team