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Email notifications - Usage limit


Email notifications - Usage limit

Ok...probably posting in the wrong section.....but has anyones found that after an upgrade the usage on the account goes a bit strange.

I was warned PN/BT had upgraded my a/c last night and to restart the I did at just after 9am. I was sittign at 2.7GB downlaod this month...naughty me P2P...I can accept that.

Just about to leave checked my emails....I had over 20 from PN telling me my usage was a bit was now 9GB!!!!!!!

Is it possible to download over 6GB while at work and both PC's in the house are off and the router is set with security?!?!?!?

Not best pleased I tell you that....anyone else experienced ddogy readings after an upgrade?

Can't get through on the phone...but somewhat scared as they are restricting me now for no fault of my own Sad

** spoken to them after holding for 56mins.

It is a fault their end....great. They can send me over 40 (re counted) emails to moan at me (i know they are automated...still sucks!) and they can have me hold for over 50mins....but they can't mention it's a problem their end unless I make the effort.

Great...thanks for that, small moan I know, but sometimes these ISP's make you laugh.....rant over