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Email from Plusnet Customer Services


Email from Plusnet Customer Services

Not sure if I would receive a response from PN in this forum, but here goes...

Had an email from PN last night saying that my local exchange has now been ADSL enabled. News to me !!

It read as follows,

Dear .......,

No more wishing you could get ADSL, we’ve done some checking for you with BT and your local exchange has been enabled!

All you need now is a really straightforward way to get connected with Broadband, right?

We’ve got that for you too! We’ve created a simple, all-in-one Broadband product which we’ve called Broadband EasyStart

Well I've checked on and we are only up to 137 (I think) and there is not trigger level. So basically I'd like to know where PlusNet get their information from ??


Dave W
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Email from Plusnet Customer Services

Do a search in these forums, this has already been brought up and it was an error on PlusNet's part IIRC.


Email from Plusnet Customer Services

I understand that these are going out in error, as was seen last week.

This is due to a software limitation.

You may also receive a second message appologising for the error.

Email from Plusnet Customer Services

Thanks folks.... that obviously explains that one.

Nothing like a good tease from PlusNet though, lol. (Would of been a good b/day prezzy for yesterday had it of been true)