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Email Seup


Email Seup

I have just joined Plus Net.

I've set uo my email client Outlook but when I tried testing it by sending an email to my own address it refused to sedn it. What I got was an error:

553, sorry that domain is not in my list of allowed rcpthost #5.7.1)

When I send the email directly via my web account all is well.

Can anybody enlighten me as to what is wrong?

many thanks for your time
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Email Seup

Look here on the portal for e-mailset up information
This will give you step by step instructions.
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Email Seup

Hi Colin,

This is because for your account type you need to enable SMTP authentication. In outlook you need to go to the advanced e-mail settings and is labled My outgoing server requires authentication.

Enter your username and password in there and you should be up and running.