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Eager for broadband DSL-300T owner!


Eager for broadband DSL-300T owner!

I'm awaiting my line to be ADSL enabled, but can someone with a DSL-300T tell me whether or not the status light next to the power light stops flashing once the line is active? The manual says something like... if it stops flashing then theres something wrong! :?

Also, I think I have changed the config correctly with regard to username/password etc, but I haven't been able to find anything on the net or in the manual about making it 'always on'. Do I have to change the keep alive figure to 9999 or something like that? or is just the fact that the 'on demand' option is unticked enough?

Lastly, I want to make sure that it will attempt to connect as soon as the line is activated, so that see I am attempting to connect, and subsequently actiavte my account. How would I do this with the DSL-300T? Have I got to go into the connection status and keep pressing the connect button? Sad

FYI I have updated the firmware to the most recent available from V1.00B02T02.UK.20040618

Thanks very much for your assistance
Yours... very eager for broadband!
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Eager for broadband DSL-300T owner!

wait untill your line has been activated first before you start playing with settings for your modem
which you will know if you keep an eye on ADSL tracker from My Account,
i dont have this modem as i use a router but i know the DSL-300T
is very easy to set up as it detects the right modulation settings for you
then all you need to do is enter your username and password and you should be away,
if i remember rightly the always on and dialup option is just a matter of tick boxes within the setup software but i could be wrong maybe someone else can confirm this,
you do need to wait for your line to be activated before you can do anything though.

Eager for broadband DSL-300T owner!

To answer the original question, no the light does not stop flashing.

damn annoying eh.

The designers proberally thought it uses 1/2 the power as its only on 1/2 the time or something daft like that. would have been better the other way around.
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Eager for broadband DSL-300T owner!

If the adsl light comes on before your activation time you will probably have to raise a ticket to get it active see

I found that the 300g & t's wouldn't always remember the account username and password if they failed to connect

Eager for broadband DSL-300T owner!

Thanks for that guys.... so much for email notifications!!! :? I only just got a notification that a reply had been left!!

I managed to commit the unforgivable act of taking my ADSL modem to a friend.... and trying it.... only to find an email had arrived by the time I got home... telling me my broadband had been activated!!! Alas... this was only due to me plugging my modem (with my username configured)... into my friends line, and therefore alerting to the fact that my line 'must' be activated!! :roll: Oh well... I discovered that the ADSL light should come on as soon as the line is activated at least!!! I just hope BT get their rear in gear now... and activate my line!!

This leads me on to a second point... but I'll start a separate thread for this.... about my dialup speed being low through my filter... until the date of exchange activation... and then it shot back up again!! :?
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Eager for broadband DSL-300T owner!

Note: in being activated, PlusNet will start the billng period from now, even though you don't have your line activated, and take your first payment.

You should raise a contact us ticket explaining what you did and also explain your line is not yet active. They can then stop the billing.
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Eager for broadband DSL-300T owner!

hmm i have a DSL-504T on my modem/router the >>> ADSL <<< light willcome on as solid when you have a link to the exchange but the >>> Status <<< light stays flashing to show that it has booted up properly and that its functioning correctly..

I hope this helps because i have no idea what your modem looks like if its like mine then yes the status light should and will still be flashing when activated.

Eager for broadband DSL-300T owner!

I have the DSL 300T and can confirm that the status light does flash.


Eager for broadband DSL-300T owner!

Question for Sunhouse who ahs DSL-504T. I also have the same router but it keeps on reseetting itslef - the log shows that it has lost the DSL carrier and automatically executes reconnection request - very annoying as can never know when this will happen usually between 4-10 mins, at times longer.

let me know if you experienced simialr problem or not?

Eager for broadband DSL-300T owner!

Question for Sunhouse who ahs DSL-504T.

Hi Pattani

I think this may have been meant for "dragona" as I have a DI-614+

Ian & Linda Jordan