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EXTREMELY slow ADSL connection


EXTREMELY slow ADSL connection

Hi I recently moved home to a new-build house and have been waiting patiently for BT to come & connect new telephone line, then Plusnet to switch my home phone product to this new line (and new tel No) & finally for the provision of ADSL on the line. The line became ADSL active yesterday, not that you would notice however, as the speedtest results show the connection is barely faster than dialup - averaging at only 120kbps!!!
Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
17-05-2007 16:18:28 58.1
17-05-2007 16:00:52 85.1
17-05-2007 16:00:00 102.1
17-05-2007 15:40:27 127.5
17-05-2007 15:27:22 122.6
16-05-2007 22:53:48 128
16-05-2007 22:32:18 100.1
16-05-2007 21:55:39 129.2
16-05-2007 21:27:18 116.7
16-05-2007 18:49:42 129.1
16-05-2007 18:39:09 113.8
16-05-2007 18:31:09 120.7
16-05-2007 18:27:51 128.1
16-05-2007 18:22:46 117.3
16-05-2007 18:21:15 113.2
01-09-2006 20:06:46 3449.3
01-09-2006 20:06:28 3674.6

have tried all the usual:
swapped router for known good modem,
connected direct to master socket,
virus-scanned & disabled firewall,
switched microfilter for another
unplugged all other telephones in the house from their sockets, but have seen no increase in performance.
I've been putting it down to the ADSL only being active for 36 hours, but would expect a figure somewhere between 10 & 30 times what i'm consistently getting
Anybody have any ideas?
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EXTREMELY slow ADSL connection

Connect up the phone sockets !!!!

I moved into a new house in 2000, and found that the electrician had not connected up half of the phone sockets!!!

If you can post up your router stat's that might show if there is an issue with noise on your line.

This link is heplful;

In fact the whole site is great.


EXTREMELY slow ADSL connection

DSL Status
Connection Status Connected
Upstream Rate (Kbps) 448
Downstream Rate (Kbps) 3552
US Margin 20
DS Margin 8
Modulation MMODE
LOS Errors 0
DS Line Attenuation 59
US Line Attenuation 63
Path Mode Interleaved

DSL Statistics
Near End F4 Loop Back Count 0
Near End F5 Loop Back Count 0

Hope this helps!

for info, the phone lines are all connected - I've checked (plus router is connected to master BT socket)

EXTREMELY slow ADSL connection

Don't forget that the maximum speed you can get is very much dependent on your line and that you can't really compare speeds from your past house with this one. Do you know how far you are from your exchange? What's the attenuation your modem is reporting?

Also will be in a ten day training period so speeds may vary enormously while BT try to find the maximum speed your line can support.

EXTREMELY slow ADSL connection

DS Line Attenuation 59
US Line Attenuation 63

would guess at around 1 to 1.5 miles to the Dunchurch exchange, which the line is connected to.
I understand it may well be slower & will fluctuate, but 120kbps surely can't be anywhere close?