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E-mail confirmation and modem delivery


E-mail confirmation and modem delivery

I signed up for ADSL home self-install about a week ago and checking the ADSL tracker tonight shows that everyhing is confirmed and my line is activated. My only problem is that i haven't got my modem yet, on the tracker it says they are awaiting supplies.

On the tracker it says i should have had an e-mail confirming the line is activated and also an e-mail confirming my first months payment i have received neither, but i did get an e-mail when i signed up for the initial payment for activation and my modem. is this because i haven't recieved my modem yet ?

How long will i have to wait for my modem as it says they are awaiting new supplies ? Will they send me an e-mail to let me know when thay are sending the modem ? So near but so far !

regards mgrealish

E-mail confirmation and modem delivery

PlusNet informed us yesterday that there should be no issues with modem stocks.

You are advised to raise a ticket via link:contact us if you are experiancing delays.

However, don't fret about paying for a service you are not receiving. Allthough you are charged in advace, you will be refunded (though you have to request this) for any time you have been without service due to lack of modem.

E-mail confirmation and modem delivery

cheers philip, thanks for your reply

it appears i may have jumped the gun a bit as the tracker now says my modem is due to be delivered on wednesday !

thanks again for your help

Re: Not received modem

Well mgrealish I do hope your modem does arrive. However I had the same problem. For nine days I was told my modem had been dispatched. After many many many calls to customer support I finally found out that it had not been dispatched. I finally received my modem and asked for my billing date to be altered to when I received my modem. I received a reply stating your modem was dispatched on time and in our terms and conditions, in other words then said not a chance. Lucky for me I had proof (a ticket on there site) that stated my modem was only dispatched the day before I received it. I put this to them and only then did they agree and changed my billing date by 9 days in my favor. I hope you don’t have the same problem.